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Penjelasan Ending Annabelle Creation

Beberapa tahun setelah tewasnya Annabelle dalam kecelakaan, keluarga Mullins menerima rombongan anak panti asuhan yang kemudian terseret dalam kisah boneka mistis, Annabelle.

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Masih ingat Sharon di Silent Hill yang pertama kan? Kalo lupa sih kelewatan banget. Sekarang dia ganti nama jadi Heather dan berduaan sama ayahnya menjadi buron karena ayahnya telah membunuh angota sekte sesat yang hobinya main bakar2an di Silent Hill itu.

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Alone in the Dark

Edward Carnby is a private investigator specializing in unexplainable supernatural phenomena. His cases delve into the dark corners of the world, searching for truth in the occult remnants of ancient civilizations. Now, the greatest mystery of his past is about to become the most dangerous case he has ever faced.

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Resident Evil

When a virus leaks from a top-secret facility, turning all resident researchers into ravenous zombies and their lab animals into mutated hounds from hell, the government sends in an elite military task force to contain the outbreak. Alice and Rain are charged with leading the mission. But they only have three hours before the pathogen becomes airborne and infects the world.

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Silent Hill

The eerie and deserted ghost town of Silent Hill draws a young mother desperate to find a cure for her only child’s illness. Unable to accept the doctor’s diagnosis that her daughter should be permanently institutionalized for psychiatric care, Rose flees with her child, heading for the abandoned town in search of answers – and ignoring the protests of her husband. It’s soon clear this place is unlike anywhere she’s ever been. It’s smothered by […]

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The story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.

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Alien : Covenant

Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world — whose sole inhabitant is the “synthetic” David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

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The six-member crew of the International Space Station is tasked with studying a sample from Mars that may be the first proof of extra-terrestrial life, which proves more intelligent than ever expected.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

The film that brings back horror icon Freddy Krueger as a darker and more sinister character than ever before. While Freddy is on the prowl a group of teenagers being stalked soon learn they all have a common factor making them targets for this twisted killer.

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New England in the 1630s: William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life with five children, homesteading on the edge of an impassable wilderness. When their newborn son vanishes and crops fail, the family turns on one another. Beyond their worst fears, a supernatural evil lurks in the nearby wood.