Chrome OS Update 64.0.3282.101 Beta Channel

Chrome OS Update 64.0.3282.101 (Platform version: 10176.54.0) was just launched 19 hours ago. Although this update is still in Beta stage, still I was tempted to try it.

Like all products in the Beta stage, this version is not yet a final version called Stable. Because the Beta version aims to provide an opportunity for its users to try and report any damage or bugs.

Developers open the opportunity to report bugs and bugs through forum or by filing a bug.

For those interested in trying this Beta version, can do this by changing the channel by opening the settings and changing the options from Stable to Beta.

Of course, the downloading process will be required. so make sure the internet connection is connected before nagging because the update process is not running.

Meanwhile, As For DevTools 64…

Chromium 64bit for MacOSX

Chromium 64bit for MacOSX

I was browsing for the solution for my failing Neon installation when I found Chromium 64bit for MacOSX at

Chromium vs Google Chrome

In 2008, Google created a project using embryonic source code from Chromium. After that Google broke away from Chromium and continued the development of Chrome.

However, Chromium is not a dormant project, as its developers continue to open Chromium projects and are named Chromium projects.

Google provides automatic update feature and also embedded the media player in it. After that Google also put Chrome into the laptop market, with a product called Chromebook.

Read more history of Chromebook, Chromebit, Chromebase, and Chromebox.

Google also added file formats that can be run by Chrome and also drivers for hardware that is made in closed-source. For me, the fatal difference is the absence of Flash Player in Chromium. But that can be solved using this way.

Chromium browser has:

  • only open-source licenses (BSD license, MIT license, LGPL, MS-PL and MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-licensed code) plus unlicensed files. It is a FOSSproject. A full list of software developed by third-parties is available within the browser at chrome://credits (similar to this online page)
  • a blue-colored logo
  • the similar sandbox as Google Chrome (For info, Firefox also uses it)
  • the similar user interface and settings as Google Chrome
  • the similar support for Extensions, Themes and Web Apps as Google Chrome
  • the similar user agent as Google Chrome
  • the built-in Chrome PDF Viewer (known as PDFium), on Windows OS
  • the built-in Chromoting Viewer (To use it, you need to first install the Chrome Remote Desktop app)
  • the built-in Google Native Client
  • the built-in Print preview and print system
  • no stable version offered by the official team (aka The Chromium Authors)
  • no digital signature
  • no auto-update system (Solutions: Use an #updater • Use PPA on #linux)
  • no Google API keys (Solution: Check #google-API-keys)
  • no built-in Flash player (Solution: Check #flash)
  • no support of proprietary codecs (AAC, MP3, H.264) (Solution: Check #html5-audio-video)
  • no user RLZ identifier
  • no user metrics (usage statistics) (opt-in option)
  • no crash report (opt-in option)
  • More details on the official site focused on Linux.

Some developers maintain forks of Chromium that offer more features and enhancements. Thanks a lot to developers! 😉

And if you want to follow new Chromium features, check the Google+ posts of the Chromium Evangelist at Google

To install it, double-click on Chromium_OSX.dmg file you have downloaded. Then drag its icon on Applications folder. You may then “Eject” and throw away this disk image.

Get Chromium for MacOSX here or perhaps you want to install Windows on your Chromebook?

Chrome Exceeding Chromium In:

  • Is compiled, linked and packaged into an installer
  • Has an auto-update system (some, such as the Debian or Ubuntu community builds of Chromium, rely on the package management system of the OS as an alternative)
  • Has an integrated PPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player.[10] This can be downloaded and installed separately in Chromium.
  • Has licensed media codecs to support the patent-encumbered H.264 and AAC formats. These can be downloaded and installed separately in Chromium. By default, Chromium only supports VorbisMP3Theora and WebM formats for the HTML5 Audio and HTML5 video tags.[11] Due to the way Chromium implements support for media formats, it is difficult to split up codecs to ship legally dangerous ones from ones that are safe to ship without paying for patent licenses. It relies on an FFmpeg-based library that contains the codecs with which it was built, instead of modularizing them into a plug-in based system like GStreamer does. Because of this, Fedora ships the library containing legally safe codecs but allows for the user to install a “Freeworld” package from somewhere else (RPM Fusion, for example) to override the default library, so that users who live where software patents don’t apply can make full use of Chromium.
  • Supports Widevine, a digital rights management (DRM) module. A dummy package that doesn’t enable Widevine support is built by default for Chromium.[12]
  • Disables extensions not hosted on the Chrome Web Store for macOS and Windows users on all Chrome channels[13]
  • Bears the Google and Google Chrome brand names and logos, both of which are registered trademarks[14][15][16]
  • Features an opt-in option for users to send Google their usage statistics and crash reports
  • Implements RLZ tracking when Chrome is downloaded as part of marketing promotions and distribution partnerships. This transmits information in encoded form to Google, including both when and from where Chrome was downloaded. In June 2010, Google confirmed that the RLZ tracking token is not present in Chromium or Chrome versions downloaded from the Google website directly. The RLZ source code was also made open-source at the same time, so that developers can confirm what it is and how it works.[17]
  • Licensed as freeware, as opposed to free and open-source[18]

YouTube New Rule

I recently watched a video that responded to the complaints of the “YouTubers” who were frustrated by YouTube for making new rules. YouTube new rule is that it will freeze the monetizing feature for YouTuber by tightening its rules. I can’t remember the whole thing, but the principle is … raising the number of subscribers as well as raising the total viewing amount/duration.


One of the figures I admire says that YouTube can easily change the rules because YouTubers are passengers, aka “hitchhikers” to put (and air) their videos on it.

He’s right! But I do not100% agree.


Because YouTube without YouTuber is just a blank web. That is why it was born a variety of conveniences for YouTuber to express themselves with frills can be income.

Maybe it’s time for YouTube to enact more stringent rules, given the amount of garbage that is there.

If it was up to me … I would prefer if YouTube makes a stricter registrar system, rather than having to kill the spirit of those who already “done” halfway. Repeating the process for YouTube may be easy for my idol for he has time, money, skill, and brain! The last part is what makes me idolize him the most.

Can you imagine the fate of Udin who even to add fellow spammer on Facebook has to sell his tooth if he must (re)upload a lot more videos? Could be bigger pegs than a pole. But that’s not a problem for my idol, he can just cast his magic spell.

I think, if revenue is not good, Google won’t stepping on the gas there. Noticed by Google not supporting Android to enter the desktop market.

Closing Words

Yes, we have to endure the profession and be persistent to achieve our goal… I myself have mutually changed my profession many times while repeatedly out and into the comfort zone.

As I wrote in the difference between Apple and Google, Youtube is also launched first in order to capture public interest, made a good welcome that creates a lot of content creator, then the money run from there.

Today is the era of the generation of Google, where anything is available from Google. Want to be an impromptu artist, just upload your video.

And … people these days also driven like Google driving its marketing strategy. Upload first, going viral or not, let the fate decide. When the society can’t accept it, then it will be banned after someone reported it. All done from us to us.

Now, which one will you choose? Censored by censorship bureau, or censored our people who just love to do online bullying? Oops, let me correct … not just bullying, but also share then praise amen online.

The Best and Functional Chromebook Themes (Early 2018 Edition)

Best and Functional Chromebook Themes

I often ask myself, what is the best and functional Chromebook theme (and Chrome browser too)? After some fun time browsing and trying, I finally compiled this list for you. I only include the curated the themes which are really functional and not only changing the background images. So let’s start…

This Is How To Change Facebook Color and Theme

Color and Theme Changer for Facebook

Got bored with the original look of Facebook? This Is How To Change Facebook Color and Theme. Simply install Color and Theme Changer for Facebook, the extension made for Chromebook/Chrome browser. It will instantly change your Facebook to a whole new and fresh look. And you can choose and set the color of your Facebook according to your own personal taste. No amen needed!

Change facebook color and Theme

Where Can I Get It?

Get Color and Theme Changer fo Facebook here.

Also read: How to Handle Annoying Facebook Spammer.


Say Bye to Notification and Instagram Chat… Type

Notification and Instagram Chat… Instagram was first launched as a photo-sharing app before it became a social media platform like most of its user use it. Apparently, Instagram listens to what its user needs. Since its transition to Facebook, we can see that there are some changes that make using Instagram feels like using Facebook.

If you’re also a webmaster/developer of Facebook, you know that we can also control Instagram from chat to advertising from one control panel/dashboard.

And also, Instagram also add the chat feature which I hope can reduce the spam comment drastically, but not!

Tips to deal with a Facebook spammer!

This is the new feature… Type!

Apart from enhancing features on photos and videos, social media app Instagram is cooking up another upgrade, this time focusing on text-based clips.

The Facebook-owned app first tested this feature in a group of Japanese users last December. Now, Instagram is testing it towards its European audience, The Next Web reported.

Titled as “Type”, users can type texts and customize it with the features such as Boomerang, Rewind and Superzoom, similar to their Stories. ~

And, there’s also activity notification which is as annoying as other Facebook notification. come on! Trust me, most Instagram users want to be seen, not seeing other’s account (leaving the stalker alone). Just as bloggers wants his/her writing to be read. This is how to disable the annoying notification…

1st and best Way… Removed and block that person.

Or if you still want to keep “socialized” (or even stalked)…

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the corner gear or three dot icon to enter the Settings page.
  • Scroll down and search for the “Show activity status” option.
  • Toggle the option off, you’re out of misery.

Understanding Ionian Modes

Ionian Modes

Basically, people know at least two notation scales. Those are Major scale and Minor scale. Both are relatives to each other and consists of same notes. But still, both sound different feels different and used differently. The easiest way to notice the difference is by listening to how it sounds. If it sounds happy and uplifting, we can almost predict that it’s a Major scale. When it sounds sad and stressful, then it’s a minor scale. Let’s start with the first modes of the major scale, we call it Ionian modes.

Photoshop: What Is Dodging and Burning Tool

Dodging and Burning

Dodging and burning is a very basic tool every photographer must know. Yes, I said it… photographer! Being a photographer nowadays without knowing the basic knowledge to do the post-processing is like being a cook without knowing how to serve a dish. And that’s just plain stupid. Being able to do basic photo retouching is your main weapon to survive in the world of “having camera = photographer” era. If your Facebook account is using the word Photography as the last name, this article can save you from humiliating yourself.

Ok, I got It! Tell Me What Is Dodging and Burning!

Dodging and burning “is” actually two separate tools even people tend to say it in one word. These two tools are nested together along with one other tool (sponge). We’ll leave sponge, for now, trust me… it’s not the one comes with SquarePants.

Dodge tool, the one we use for dodging is making the part of your photo lighter. On the other hand, Burn tool, the one we use to burning do exactly the opposite… make the part of your photo darker.

What Is It For?

Both tools are good for:

  1. Adding dimension to a dull photo
  2. Making photo manipulation
  3. Emphasizing point interest in your photo

I Am A Good Photographer Out of The Box

Tell me, do you chemically process your negative? If not, then you’re just an ignorant bastard. Enjoy your life… under the rock. >;p

Let’s Start

This web is not a step-by-step tutorial site. I will make the article from one sample then move to another. That’s how I learned Photoshop and that’s how I gonna share it with you. Keep following this web by clicking the OneSignal red bell.


What’s WhatsApp Business, and What Differs It to Basic WhatsApp?

whatsapp business

The time has come for WhatsApp to release its first business app. Of course, you already have WhatsApp installed on your gadget or desktop computer. WhatsApp today officially launched its new WhatsApp Business app in select markets, including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S., ahead of its planned worldwide rollout.

Also read: How to install WhatsApp on Linux.

What’s WhatsApp Business, and what differs it to basic WhatsApp?

WhatsApp business is basic WhatsApp with some additional extras, such as:

“Business-oriented” feature to help you and your customer interact better. It also serves you to help you be found faster by filling out information like a business description, email, address, and website. It’s almost like LINE Business.

So, there will be no more people who chat you and ask, “have you eaten yet?” to your WhatsApp business. The good thing is, WhatsApp user can now split real user with spammer apart using confirmed account feature.

We will have the option to set our own “robot”, well it actually works the same way as an autoresponder. This WhatsApp version currently available for Android only.

What do you think, is WhatsApp business a breakthrough?

Illegal Way to Cheat AdSense andIllegal Way to Cheat AdSense and Your Visitors to Double Your Revenue Your Visitors To Get Revenue

Cheat Adsense

I’m lucky enough to experience living in the era when being a geek is considered cool. People have been using different kinds of swag from time to time. From barbaric approach to materialistic approach. But now (I think)… we can impress people simply by a presentation. The presentation comes first, accomp…

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