Axis M5065 Palm Sized Surveillance Cam

Axis M5065 Palm Sized Surveillance Cam

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Axis M5065 is a Palm-Sized Surveillance Cam is a product by Axis, one of the market leaders in business. It’s integrated with wifi and monitors motion as well as sudden audio change such as screaming. It’s “communicating” to other devices using the Z-Wave Plus® standard. This new enhancement facilitates flexible wireless connection with supporting security devices.

With the camera’s wireless I/O connectivity, it is possible to use an on/off command to manage up to six wirelessly connected devices supporting Z-Wave Plus®. The technology enables business owners to simply and cost-efficiently form a customized system, combining camera and accessories based on their demands. Modifications and updates to the system can be made just as easily. Additionally, the wireless I/O connectivity permits flexible system deployment, affording high-quality, indoor surveillance.


Axis’ four wireless I/O compatible devices include:

  • AXIS T8344 Power On/Off Plug
  • AXIS T8342 Door/Window Sensor
  • AXIS T8341 PIR Motion Sensor
  • AXIS T8343 Alert Button

AXIS M5065 delivers HDTV 1080p resolution and includes analytics such as AXIS Video Motion Detection, discarded object detection as well as audio volume and scream apprehension. The discreet AXIS M5065 Network Camera comes with 5x optical zoom, autofocus, and built-in analytics.


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