Blob The Cute Creatures in Hopeless Games Series

Blob The Cute Creatures in Hopeless Games Series

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Hopeless: The Dark Cave

The Hopeless game is the title of the game that I just found in the iTunes Store and immediately captivated me because it looks funny. Of course, I try it straight away. Apparently, once played, this game is fun.

Blob, the creature who became a character in this game is in the middle of the spotlight in the dark. One by one the beings will emerge from the darkness. Initial task Blob only one, which is to shoot the approaching monster and hold the shot when it appears is a fellow Blob.

Blob’s funny moves make the game with a spooky music background not so creepy. Sometimes Blob is shaking with fear and sometimes they are ready to be alert.

That was the horror of Blob in the Dark Cave. How is Blob in Hopeless the 2nd?

Hopeless 2: Cave Escape

This time Blob’s task is different. At a glance this game reminds me of the game Bad Piggies (because both ride mine-cart), it was not. In contrast to Bad Piggies which is more like a strategy where we have to make careful planning before launching the train, Hopeless 2: Cave Escape is more like slash and hack or rage game. Just keep firing during the train ride.

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I personally still prefer the first yes, more suspense.

Blob’s success in the Hopeless series continues at Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth.

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Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth

Still with a theme similar to Cave Escape, this time the Blob still have to save themselves by riding a mine-cart. This game developer says that Dark Hollow Earth is a refinement of Cave Escape. Wow, no wonder!

Hopeless: Space Shooting

This time the Blob back fighting like in the early series of game Hopeless, only this time they fought in space. With a more colorful theme does not make this game less tense. Because if Blob really felt hopeless, they would kill themselves. Wow!

Well, how do you think about this game? Do you feel this game is interesting as I feel?

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Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?