Breaking Bad: What I Hate and What I Love

Breaking Bad: What I Hate and What I Love

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I was almost got shocked when I realized that Breaking Bad hit its 10th years. Feels like yesterday I was talking about this series about a bald guy with a troubled family diagnosed with cancer. I quit watching this series when my friend who finished these series before me answered my question.

I asked him, “will she (Walter’s wife) die at the end of the season?” Then he replied, “no, she survived”.

Damn, I hated Skyler so much! That means she did well in her role, didn’t she. Still, I quit watching since then.

But just now, I gave a little “presentation” to my significant other about this series and we’re willing to watch this series again. From the very beginning (just to prove my point about Skyler). >;D

Breaking What?

Breaking Bad is a movie about a regular chemistry teacher, Walter diagnosed with cancer. He needs more money now than ever, so he decided to join forces with his student, Jeese a meth booker. Things won’t be smooth in a TV drama, Walter’s brother in law is the police officer handling most cases in the town, including drugs.

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Walter’s chemistry skill is on par with a professor, he created super quality meth for Jeese to distribute in order to make money. His name becomes a legend on the street because he never shows up in person. This makes other drug dealers feel threatened and started to feel uneasy about Walter’s presence.

Skyler, Walter’s wife cheats on him… that bitch!

I fucked Ted.

Jeese and Walter hire a lawyer known for how good he is in handling a dirty case, his name is Saul.

Saul later has his own TV series.

What Make Breaking Bad Interesting?

These are my list of what makes Breaking Bad interesting:

  1. Walter is a bad guy
  2. Brain wins
  3. Bad guy wins

So, what do you remember about this TV series?

Me? The scene when he blew up a floor of his rival’s building with a rock (not)meth. Kaboom…

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Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?