How To Bulk Replace Words on Wordpress?

How To Bulk Replace Words on WordPress?

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So, here is the scenario. I’ve decided to try my luck by changing my web target search to America today. Then I realized that most of the slank language I’ve been using couldn’t be translated properly into English. That’s understandable, since the words I’m using, is not very popular even in my native language. So here’s what I found on how to bulk replace words on WordPress.

The good and best part of using WordPress (the one I’m using right now, and here is why) is that we can do almost everything simply by adding a plugin. So, my best bet is to look for a plugin named “Better Search Replace” by going to my WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin and then type the word “search and replace” there. And I’m not surprised to found what I’m looking for was sitting right there waiting for me to click. I chose “Better Search Replace” over just Search and Replace, because… it’s better(maybe). Hahaha…

With the standard installation, it installed itself to my WordPress then I can access it from Dashboard > Tools > Better Search Replace.

How To Use

There are some sections, the word I want to change, the word I want to change it to and where to look for the word. I choose post database to do the replacement since there is where the word I wanted to change located.

You can get this plugin here, or by simply following what I did earlier.

You can also do the preview before replacing your word by ticking the run dry option. There is also a pro version of this plugin which allows you to do more tweaking. But the free version is good for me since I’m only using it occasionally for changing basic words and not going to deep to the codes etc.

So, that’s how I replace bulk words on WordPress. Do you have a better method? Please tell me in the comment section.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?