Chrome Web Store Game Parents Can Play With Their Kids

Chrome Web Store Game Parents Can Play With Their Kids

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Chrome Web Store Game

Let’s talk about Chrome Web Store game (again). As a rusty adult, it’s hard for me to find a good game. By good here, I mean the game must be:

  1. Not time-consuming
  2. Able to track progress
  3. Have nostalgic value
  4. Not that old
  5. Able to run smoothly on Chromebook

Gentlemen Start Your Engine!

1. Not Time Consuming

Even though I have to admit that I have more time than most of my “friends”, it’s easy for me to uninstall the game that requires me to wait too long (or even not that long) to play. This is mostly found in web games. Perhaps it’s just my internet connection, but still, I will look for the faster game to load than the slower one.

And, a highly responsive game also comes into account. I hate to wait 0.01 second only to watch the character I play fails to dodge an attack. And another minute to respawn.

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2. Track Progress

I can’t play intensively without being annoyed by fighting kids, and I also have no temper to play a game I left from the beginning. So, the game that can keep my playing progress is preferred. And since I play mostly RPG games, that feature is a must. That’s why I’m not very fond of Mobile Legends because everything is repeated every time I play it (even my son says that there’s still differences between the first timer VS a legendary.

My Choice is Hungry Pipi 

Hungry Pipi is like Tic Tac Toe and other matching games, only with nice animation.

3. Nostalgic Value

I love old games! Not only because I’ve mastered it to show it off to anyone, but also because it’s a good excuse for non-gamer like me to still play the games at my age. 😀

But, seriously… old games have better story-line. I finished most of the games I played for the story alone. That’s why I finished playing Final Fantasy VII faster than my friends who actually got “Knights of The Rounds” but didn’t even understand the story.

I was hoping so much for DOSBOX, but sadly I don’t understand how to use it instantly. And it’s an emulator that will erase my progress as soon as I change the game. The even sadder part that it has tons of games to choose from here.

Get DOSBox here.

Or play old DOS (and Windows) games online here.

4. Not That Old

Once, I introduced Raiden to my son, and he asked me, “dad, is this really the game you told me was cool?”. Apparently, what my younger eyes thought was cool is not cool to my old eyes. And thank’s to NVIDIA that brought gaming graphic to a whole new level. So, instead of playing Raiden, we play Rocket Custa together.

Also, read how to play Mobile Legends on Mac. <— You can use the same method to play Mobile Legends on Chromebook by using LIVE USB.

Get Rocket Custa here.

5. Run Smoothly on Chromebook

Like number 1 above, but this point is focusing on the overall gameplay. I need a game that can run smoothly on Acer Chromebook C720P, and the options are actually quite a few (from a few). There is no such Chromebook for gaming or Chromebook graphic design on the market today. Especially the one which is not Chromebook Android, or doesn’t support Google Play Store.

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My choice in this category is Arcane Legends. It’s running on the cloud, so, not surprising to see it running smooth. The downside is… it’s taking quite long on the first start (but faster after).

Get Arcane Legends here.

Oh, and Arcane Legends is also a good option if you want to make a party with your kids to fight evil!

Well, that wraps my list of Chrome Web Store Game parents can play with their kids.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?