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Chromebook Games I Didn’t Know Were This Good

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Chromebook Games: When I was talking about games, Chromebook games were always the one I left out. Let me correct the last word, what I meant was "we left out". Chromebook is not a platform focusing on games, it focuses more on user-friendly internet user. It regularly comes at the cheaper price, thank's to the lightweight Chrome OS that makes running virtually everything smoothly. Besides, who hasn't used Google Chrome since its released for Windows back in 2008? And THAT what makes Chrome OS user-friendly. Enough blah blah blah, let's get to the list of Chromebook Games I Didn't Know Were This Good.

First, I wanna tell you that I will divide this section in two. The first is the games running natively on Chromebook and the second is the one running on its website.

Chromebook Games That Run Natively on Chromebook

Happy Friday

This game has Super Mario and Sonic feel, but not really. It takes more skill even in the first level. We have to conquer the terrain using jump, double jump and even jump and hold to reach places. A must-have!

Pro: Quick installation.

Cons: Quite intimidating for a 1st-time player like me.

Get Happy Friday here.

Earth Keeper Mini

This game reminds me of Asteroids, the game I played on Atari back in my childhood. The mission is to protect earth from extraterrestrial attack.

Pro: Runs offline.

Cons: Hard to control, no instructions.

Get Earth KeeperMini here.

So Many Me


So Many Me" is a 2D puzzle platformer starring Filo and his band of misfit clones as they attempt to save a world threatened by an ancient, malevolent evil. Using their combined powers, Filo and his fellow Me must puzzle their way through a land of exotic creatures, devious traps, and evil minions.

Pro: Easy but not that easy with interesting story-line and cute original character. Reminds me of Blob.

Cons: The demo version only allows 80% of the screen. Which in my opinion is kinda lame, even for a demo.

Get So Many Me here.

Cut The Rope

Need I say more? Cut The Rope is a famous game for Android. Its mission is to logically feed the frog (or whatever that creature is).

Pro: Countless non-boring gameplay and playable offline.

Cons: Some level feels repetitive.

Get Cut The Rope here.

Mooch The Escape

This game is more to intimidating than challenging to me. It comes with a horrific atmosphere, just like the one brought by Limbo.

You control Blink, funny little creature that collects lost soul-fragments of his friend. But dangerous machines don't like this idea and tries to stop Blink. Run from killing buzzsaws and watch for every step...

Pro: Runs offline.

Cons: Too hard (for me)!

Get Mooch The Escape here.

So, what do you think about the Chromebook games run natively on Chromebook? Is there any other game I should add here?

Let's continue to Chromebook Web Games here.


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