Chromebook Web Games I Didn't Know Were Good

Chromebook Web Games I Didn’t Know Were This Good

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In the last article, I was talking about cool Chromebook games that run natively on Chromebook. By native means, all you have to do is install the game and play. No need to visit any other website. That is super cool. On the other hand, there are also tons of great games available online. These games are not natively played on our Chromebook, but run on their server instead. We call this Chromebook web games or currently known with the term progressive web apps. Chromebook Web Games often offer much more complex gameplay and graphics.

The pros of playing this game are… more complex games, better graphics and most of the games are good if you have a good luck finding it.

Why? Because some of them are displaying a picture of non-actual gameplay, but a good looking matte painting instead. You can find out by reading most of the reviews before installing. The graphics are mostly better than those run natively on our Chromebook because it’s like running a virtual desktop.

The cons are… we have to be online to play it, and sometimes even in order to be able to save our progress. That means you will lose all your progress when suddenly your internet connection died. And sometimes we can only play them in very minimal setting due to a bad internet connection.

This is my list of Good Chromebook Web Games:

Arcane Legends

This is my favorite game of all Chromebook Web Games out there. With its MMORPG slash and hack style, we can level-up our character (and pets!) from zero to hero just like playing Diablo. There are there characters and three class to choose. It doesn’t follow the traditional D&D rule by introducing us to the new class to choose. The gameplay itself is very comfortable to play at our own pace, no hurries. Very suitable for a casual gamer such as myself.

Get Arcane Legends here.


Interland is a game made by Google itself. It should be good, right? Categorized as an educational game doesn’t make this game too easy to beat. In fact, there are many adults who still need this education. Just check the video below before you try it for yourself:

To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Interland is an adventure-packed online game that teaches the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship through hands-on practice. Parents and educators can find additional resources, including a robust classroom curriculum, at

Get Interland here.

La Mole

Remember the epic scene from Raiders of The Lost Ark when Indiana Jones was being chased by a boulder? This scene inspired many movies and video games after. In La Mole, what happens is the opposite. You are the boulder, in this game called Mole. Just check the video below:

It can be a fun game if you’re playing with your friends and bet on who can catch the man faster.

You can get La Mole here.


Kings Road is one the best Chromebook web games on the store. It’s a slash and hack game such as Diablo. I was being pessimistic before I played this game. I thought it’s just another well-illustrated games that don’t show the real screen capture of the game. But I was wrong! Just check the video below:

Get KingsRoad here.

Dark Legends

This is also a Chromebook Web Games that I can’t believe can be found in Chrome Web Store.  I’m playing this with my son when he’s not too busy playing Mobile Legends.

 Dark Legends Available here.

I guess that’s all for now. Please tell me if I miss something here.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?