Complete DCEU Movie List and Some Histories

Complete DCEU Movie List and Some Histories

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Behold! For I’m about to tell you Complete DCEU Movie List. DCEU, the acronym of Detective Comics Extended Universe is a joint venture company between DC and Warner Bros in making big screen movies.

I will divide this post into three sections:

  1. Coming soon
  2. Coming (not too) soon
  3. Announced
  4. Some background stories I grew up with

Warning! This will be an “elongated” post (if you know what I mean). >;)

Coming Soon

And here is the list of the complete DCEU Movie list:

Aquaman – 2018

Aquaman is the king of Atlantis with his arch nemesis, Black Manta. Accompanied by Mera, Aquaman fought not only for peace under the sea but also for the land.

More info about Aquaman here.

Shazam! – 2019

Billy Batson is an orphaned boy who earned the power equivalent to the gods from a wizard named Shazam. A quick thunderstrike will turn Billy Batson into Captain Marvel *.

More info about Shazam! here.

* Do not confuse this Captain Marvel with Captain Marvel from Marvel.

Wonder Woman – 2019

Women with superpowers from the Amazon who ventured into the world of men and helped protect the world.

Cyborg – 2020

Vic Stone who hates his father for making him a cyborg (in order to save him) with the ability to communicate with machines and equipped with super sophisticated combat equipment.

More about Cyborg here.

Green Lantern Corps – 2020

The Green Lantern Corps is an army of OA planets that are sworn to keep this galaxy. In the action this time Hal Jordan will be assisted by other Green Lantern members, who would that be? Would it be the one Batman knocked down?

More about Green Lantern Corps here.

Coming (not too) soon:


In the original story, Batgirl is the daughter of Gordon detective who was inspired by Batman to quell crime.

The Batman

Needless to say, you know why? “Because I’m Batman!”

Black Adam

The Rock will become Black Adam, the mortal enemy of Captain Marvel. This is the second DCEU film that puts the villain as the main character, after the Suicide Squad.


This is the story of Barry Allen getting super speed (this is an oversimplification) after being hit by lightning strikes at the forensic lab where he works.

Gotham City Sirens

This is the story of three of Batman’s female enemies, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. I bet Batman and Joker will appear also in this movie.

Justice League Dark

The underrated DC character John Constantine teaming up with Zatanna and Jason Blood. In a war of supernatural realm.


Remember Robin’s suit with “Hahaha” written on it? I believe that it’s not Dick Grayson’s. Why? Because Nightwing was Robin. And if there is Nightwing, sticking to the comic, most probably the dead Robin is Jason Todd (Red Hood).




  1. Birds of Prey
  2. Deadshot
  3. Deathstroke <— Please be good, please be good!
  4. Joker and Harley Quinn
  5. Justice League 2
  6. Lobo <— also an antihero. To me, Lobo is like Punisher and Spawn merged together. 😀
  7. Man of Steel 2 <— I thought BVS was Man of Steel 2?!?

Some Background Stories I Grew Up With

This is something about Justice League and Teen Titans that most millennial generation wouldn’t know. I’m not in some comic cult that’s forcing moviegoers to read comics before watching a superhero movie.

That’s lame, geek! That’s just another proof that you would be a bully when you have even a slight of power.

Let’s read some histories behind the complete DCEU movie list:

DC Comics itself is a disambiguation since DC is the acronym of Detective Comics. The first DC comic I read was World’s Finest. The comic where Batman and Superman teaming up. So I’ll start with these two first. You can follow this post by clicking the red bell so you get the notification every time I add new info here (and you can unsubscribe anytime too).


It used to be Superman’s biggest enemy that I know there are two people. Lex Luthor then wore the famous green armor suit, and Brainiac 5 transformed into one with all the technology (cyborg-like) with a skull-shaped ship with octopus-style tentacles.

Kryptonite has various colors with various effects. The most popular, green Kryptonite and other colors which affect not only the abilities but also the behavior of Superman.

Superman has even been divided into two bodies (literally), each with different abilities. One can fly but not bulletproof, others cannot fly but bulletproof.

At that time Superman has even been in a knockout by an ordinary people armed with a hydraulic tool, called Jackhammer.

Before he becomes Superman, Clark Kent aka Superboy had a girlfriend, Lana Lang. They both lived in Smallville.

As Superboy, he regularly flies so fast that he jumps through time (just like Flash did in Flashpoint). He then joins The League of Superheroes in the future, a group of superheroes with a huge amount of member.


Batman is a unique character since he’s the only one of the big five in Justice League without any superpower.

But, really… his “power” lies in his contingency plans. He’s not a fortune teller, but known as the world’s greatest detective (among other names he’s been calling as). His contingency plan is able to beat Superman and other JLA (Justice League of America) members.

He has HULK-Buster-like armor to deal with JLA. Well, he has everything except parents boo…hoo…

Batman once separated himself from JLA and formed his own team, named The Outsiders with Metamorpho, Katana, Black Lightning, Halo, and Looker. One of the most monumental Batman moment is when he knocked Green Lanterns out. Yes, he knocked both Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner out.

Cyborg, Robin, Kid-Flash, Wondergirl, Starfire, Raven & Changeling (The New Teen Titans)

The first time I saw Cyborg was in The New Teen Titans comic, and later I saw him in Super Friends which actually aired long before Teen Titans. Cyborg (Victor Stone) had a girlfriend who took care of children with a prosthetic limb.

It’s Vic’s dad who built Teen Titans tower to stalk Vic (because Vic hated him). Later, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Kid-Flash, Wondergirl, and Changeling joined the team.

The New Teen Titans fought many battles some of them were against the power of Trigon, Raven’s dad. They even fought Justice League of America once.


Lobo is not as old as the superheroes mentioned above, one of his most memorable stories is when he died, went to hell and then even expelled from hell!


I first read about Deathstroke (aka The Terminator)in The New Teen Titans. Deathstroke is one of my favorite villains. He looked so cool with all the weapons he carried.

His son died on a mission against Titans.

He beat Justice League and Teen Titans members on several occasions… alone! To me, he’s like a bad version of Batman with guns (no more an issue lately). Deathstroke appeared on the post-credit scene of Justice League.

Let’s watch this video to refresh our memory before we continue our complete DCEU movie list.

To be continued…

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