Customizing Infinity New Tab (Fully Functional)

Customizing Infinity New Tab (Fully Functional)

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We have read about fully functional Chromebook Themes, and Infinity New Tab was in it. I wrote:

Also with the functionality of Handy Tab. It’s one of the pioneers in this industry. What teaches better than experience? But it has a downside since it leads to opening new page only to check for weather.

What We Can Customize

  • Background wallpaper image, by clicking the swirling Google Photos icon on the far bottom right. You can choose the source in the setting (Infinity and Bing)
  • Default search engine, by clicking the logo. You can switch between Google, Yahoo and 360, among others.
  • The shape of the icons from square to round, according to the radius you set yourself.

  • Fonts color, by going to the setting > theme.
  • Desktop icons, that’s what we will cover in this tutorial.

Let’s watch the video first…

Step by Step to Create Custom Icons on The Desktop

  1. Click the + sign on the far top right. If you can’t see the + sign, my best guess is that it’s covered by your bookmark or address bar. Try to switch your browser to fullscreen. It will open the drawer consisting of the “Recommended | Custom | Infinity” menus.
  2. Click on Custom
  3. Type in the URL address (HTTP:// or https://) of the web you’re going to make the icon for.
  4. You can see that Infinity will automatically make a suggestion from the web name. If you’re happy with this, then you’re done here.
  5. Since I’m hard to please, I click the “select image” and customize the look even more. You can also use transparent PNG file here. Check on how my AdSense icon looked there.
  6. You can drag/drop your icons.
  7. To delete your icons, simply right-click on any of the icons. Then click on the X to remove. (Never deal with an ex, bad bad bad…)

Other Roles of Infinity New Tab I Love About

It has a built-in menu that can suggest us to certain website and groups them by categories. As a lazy ass writer, I find it very useful.

Infinity sends me the notification, that makes my browsing experience more fun (and controlled).

The other thing I love about this theme is that it allows me to go fullscreen all the time. I don’t even have to minimize or force drag my cursor to open the toolbar. Of course, we have hotkeys to do that, but that’s just not simple when we’re in tablet mode.

Then someone says, “but my tab also has a dedicated menu button…”

If that’s the case, well… whatever, you’ll still love this anyway. >;D

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?