Deepin dan Upin

Deepin dan Upin

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I was searching more info about Deepin when Google asked me, “do you mean Deepin and Upin?” I was like, “Whaaaat?!?” Google was referring to Ipin and Upin, Malaysian famous cartoon. And now let’s get to Deepin and Upin.

I made a video of Deepin first look:

Notice how Deepin presents everything in graphics displays rather than in some terminal (which I prefer in some cases). It has some similarity with Windows 10, judging only by the chimes and the setting sidebar.

The icons are so nice to see (and they even giggle when you click them). I just love that kind of small details! That’s what makes this Linux distro distinctive from other distros that we all know are having too many similarities one to another. After fooling around for a moment, I can say that this Linux flavour might be my second favourite after elementary Os.

Native Applications

These parts are not so Window-ish, I can say that most of them are a stripped version of Mac Apps. Judging only by the multimedia apps such as Photo, video and music player. I don’t see that as degrading points. But still… with the originality they made with other aspects, I think this part is not something they can’t improve.


Deepin just saved my time and internet quota by giving me Chrome pre-installed. Why is it special despite the fact that I found that Chrome is my window to the world. Most Linux flavours I tested do not come with Chrome pre-installed.

Chrome is always is the second thing I install after the operating system installation finished. And that’s why I often forget what OS am I using since most of my activities are in Chrome (web browser).

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More Stories About Deepin dan Upin

There are rumours saying that Deepin is not other than a spyware that can steal your data. I can’t see why I should be concern about that since all I stash on my computer is nothing but rubbish.

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