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Hello, Digressingme here. Initially, I made this web to share with fellow people with bipolar and caregivers in order to give some skills to get back to society but I got distracted in the process of making it. Instead of making the web for social, I have filled this web with nags, movies, and tutorials. Previously I was assisted by several people, but now I manage this web alone. To keep the content of the web more consistent, I separate the content of the movies onto its own website and specialize this web for discussions and reviews about Chromebooks, Linux, and computers in general. Sometimes I include topics about music, photography, image processing and talks about affiliate programs.

My memory is short, so I’m using this web to be where I can write what I’m learning and doing. Please make sure you read at least once before trying the methods found here. Because sometimes I just forget to finish the writing (or lazy). In fact, I’m writing this post as a note to remind me of what affiliate programs I’ve been enrolled in.

About Me:

I have experience working in the art field since I was in my teens. Working part-time as a graphic designer and becoming an animated tutor. I was graduated from Guitar Institute of Technology and has made five albums of the musical project and none of them became hits.

While having gigs I was also making CD and cassette artwork for local and foreign bands. Then I run a digital printing but went bankrupt.

I managed to be an artist in one of the well-known gallery in Bali. Then I got bored. I took a class in Neumatt then work as a photographer, videographer, and editor to make money.

I have been writing some ebooks and selling them online for sometimes now and dedicating myself to run this web and some other website.

This Is How You Can Support Me

1. Buy my eBook from iBooks, Amazon or Kobo*

2. Pay me to edit your photos

3. Clicking the Donate Button anywhere in this web

4. Be my patron on Patreon

5. Subscribing to my YouTube channel

6. Purchasing from the affiliate program I enrolled in

7. Making purchases from my sponsors

8. By simply sharing this website

These Are The Books


*I wrote about 10 titles and can’t remember each one of them. You can search by the author’s name, digressingme.

Where Are The Affiliate Programs and Sponsors?

Since you asked for it, here you go:

I’m using NameCheap as my domain and hosting company, a very reliable company based in the USA.
Read about NameCheap here.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

I got help translating this website from GTranslate, a trusted translator with the good customer service.
Read about GTranlate here.

And it’s obvious that I’m a proud WordPress user!

WordPress Related Affiliate Programs
Read more about WordPress here.

Or maybe I can help you start your own online store using WooCommerce!

So I guess that’s it for now, but I’ll keep this page open for further update.

Enjoy the site!