Facebook Being Abandoned by Young User

Facebook Being Abandoned by Young User

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Facebook Abandoned by Young User

Facebook left behind by some young users, this is seen from the results of survey and calculations. Young people in their twenties began to switch to other social media platforms. This is not the first time it occurred on Facebook. A few years ago Facebook anticipated this by buying Instagram that has many juvenile users. But this time Instagram began to be abandoned by users aged 18-24 years.

Users at that age move to a more concise platform, Snapchat from Snap inc. Snapchat is an old app, but the real development started when they became an open company.

Younger users are more concerned with quick and concise usage and do not necessarily have to read something unimportant that could suddenly appear on their Facebook page. Not to mention there are still users who are noxious Facebook by sharing sadistic photographs, pornography or a thousand narcissistic photographs in a day. Oh, did I mention the tag “friends” at random?

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However, despite Facebook being abandoned by young users, Facebook is still ranked first as a social media.

Does this fact imply that Snapchat will also be bought by Facebook?

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