Facebook Messenger Kids Not Available in Some Countries

Facebook Messenger Kids Not Available in Some Countries

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Facebook Messenger Kids has stirred up controversy and reaped much opposition from various agencies that focus on children. How not, Facebook that previously forbade children under the age of 1 years it launched a chat application that targets the market for children aged 6 years. It seems this is a Facebook strategy that is aware that they have been abandoned by teenage users. Please read the story here. Maybe they think, in the future teen market will not disappear when the prospective Facebook users have brand awareness of Facebook.

Also, read about Facebook abandoned by teenagers.

It’s the same thing that Microsoft did a few years ago with Microsoft’s education system in developing countries early on.

The Facebook party argues that Messenger Kids is a necessity because it can not be denied again, internet users are getting younger. And they (Messenger Kids supporters) say they are also parents.

But this opinion is considered invalid and biased because they have a financial bond with Facebook.
Unfortunately I myself have not been able to try Facebook Messenger Kids because the application is not yet available in my country.

My personal opinion is, it’s good to facilitate children with special internet apps for children because the internet is increasingly inevitable. That’s better than them having to use their mother’s messenger app and suddenly get a DP photo.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?