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Finally, I find the meaning of inner peace. Something that’s easier to tell other to achieve but rather difficult for yourself to have. I think I first saw about inner peace in a TV series called Kung-fu something, played by David Carradine… Ummm wait, I’ll Google it.

Doggammit! Googling his name turned out to be something I regret but can’t be unseen. Lemme share what I’ve found with you…

David Carradine died in 2009, with a rope tied to his penis! Yes… how odd can it be? He was not dying in Kungfu training I suppose.

Here is another one I found from my local online newspaper, “he is suspected died while he was masturbating”.

Being found naked in a closet must be something that he never planned before. He was found in a hotel room in Thailand with its door locked from inside. Ironically he was in the middle of a movie shooting called “Stretch”.

So much for the inner peace for me now.May you rest in peace Master Kwai Chang Caine… wataaa…

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