Google's Undersea Cable for Cloud. Does That Even Make Sense?

Google’s Undersea Cable for Cloud. Does That Even Make Sense?

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Google adding new undersea cable to improve its Cloud service in the competition. Google is now ranked as the third after Microsoft and Amazon. TThis Google’s undersea cable will be built to connect five new regions for the company — Montreal, the Netherlands, Los Angeles, Finland, and Hong Kong.

The shortest cable is the one connecting Hong Kong to Guam, and it’s 2,400 miles (3,862km). That’s the same distance as from Hawaii to California. Mind-blown? What if I tell you that the distance from Hongkong to Guam is the same as from Guam to Hongkong?


We have covered the story about other cloud services, like Deego, Cloudbacko, and Mega.

Sounds Familiar?

Isn’t that weird to use the term “CLOUD” for something that runs undersea? I know it doesn’t have to be named literally. But using two opposite words to name something just felt weird. And believe me, I often heard this “weirdness” fact from my flat-earther friends to validate his argument.

What Is It For?

Per Silicon Valley Business Journal report, Google currently has four submarine cables online and another seven are being developed. These subsea cables help in improving latency and ramp up the speed of data transfer. And according to Google, its cloud network has more than 100 points of presence and over 7,500 edge caching nodes.

The new regions along with the commissioned subsea cables will expand Google network’s footprint across the globe. The company also has a strong clientele that includes the likes of PayPal.

Among these benefits is the fact that Google will be completely in charge of the cable’s technical specifications, meaning it can meet the company’s precise data needs.

“Also, once the cable is deployed, we can make routing decisions that optimize for latency and availability,” reads another excerpt from the same January post. This spending represents approximately $30 billion USD (roughly $37.2 billion CAD) that Google has invested over the past three years to improve its infrastructure around the world.


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