Joaquin Phoenix as The New Joker

Joaquin Phoenix as The New Joker

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I do not understand why we can idolize one actor who became Batman for a time but continuously replace the actor who plays Joker. And the killing joke is, we just accept it. It must be admitted that accepting a new cast to become Batman is just as hard as accepting a new cast for the Joker. And as the latest news, Joaquin Phoenix as The New Joker.

In our era, it was felt when replacing Christian Bale with Ben Affleck. All the fuss and criticism loud at the time, but then silent when seeing the results in Batman V Superman. I’m sure all those who criticize Ben Affleck are now watching BVS and the Justice League. While it may be that Jared Leto’s critics are not necessarily watching the Suicide Squad. Are they not?

While there are only two actors playing Batman (not Bruce Wayne since Bruce is not Batman yet in Gotham), we have three people playing Joker at the same timespan. Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Cameron Monaghan, and all in the different universe.

More About Joaquin Phoenix

This is not the first time Joaquin collaborate himself in DC’s project. He was once having a small role in Superboy as Billy Hercules. You might have known him from:

  1. As the wicked king, Commodus in Gladiator.
  2. A kid in Fall Guy (if you’re that old).
  3. Jack Daglish in Hotel Rwanda.
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