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King Diamond

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Who does not know Kim Bendix Peterson? I’ll bet if not many people know the name when compared to the stage name, King Diamond. Danish singer who also became the lead vocal in Mercyful Fate band is successfully made a breakthrough by releasing the first horror music album in the world.

With a theatrical performance equipped with a variety of attributes and nimble makeup make King Diamond as its own visual entertainment for its fans.

King Diamond’s albums were one thing that turned me from a disco kid to a metalhead and put me into graphic design (I later make fortune from making album artworks).


Horror Music Album

Present among the incessant birth of other metal bands, King Diamond can be easily recognized from the packaging of his album. I still remember how one album became the narrative of an epic story that I think could already be a horror movie script.

At first glance, we can hear that the King Diamond vowel has a resemblance to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, when not using the falsetto techniques that characterize him.

In 1999, King Diamond had performed live with Metallica singing “Evil”. It became historic because King Diamond performed without his distinctive makeup. In 2004, King Diamond contributed vocals to “Sweet Dreams”, Dave Grohl’s project, Probot with a video clip that invites controversy. You might know Probot as one of Lemmy’s (Motorhead) music video.

Here it is…

Today’s generation might recognize him as one of the playable character in Guitar Hero game with Mercyful Fate’s song, Evil. King Diamond was a special celebrity guest star in four episodes of the Warner Bros. adult-oriented cartoon Metalocalypse as The Blues Devil, Ronald von Moldenberg, a fast food manager, and one of the Klokateers in 2006 on Adult Swim.

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