Linux Deepin Reviews: Better Than Elementary and Pop OS

Linux Deepin Reviews and Why It Is Better Than Elementary and Pop OS Pt.2

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So, in previous Linux Deepin reviews article, I talked about the first experience I had installing it. Now we’ll continue into what makes it better than elementary and Pop. Don’t get me wrong, both are my first two favorite Linux distros. But there will always be on standing taller than the others, right?

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In Elementary, we’re equipped with a software center where the unwritten rule is: If it’s not there, then it won’t work. So, I’ll have to sit and wait what the developers feed me later.

In Pop, we can do some “tweaking” using the command line, but the option is limited. It’s like “do at your own risk” thing.

Also, read about Pop OS here.

In Deepin Store… (inhale) we can find many apps provided by Deepin or y other developers. I haven’t tested them all, but most of them work just fine. The store design is so slick and intuitive. The apps come with screenshots. The icons fit the theme well. No wonder, Deepin has the best icons collection used by many other Linux distro’s users.

And… it has Crossover installed that allows me to run most Windows apps games.

System Setting and Launcher

Needless to say, Deepin has the best system setting called Control Panel. Without trying to copy Mac’s or Window’s looks, it’s presented to us in a way with Android feels. Somehow it reminds me of Phoenix OS.

So does the launcher, there are some options that we can choose to use the launcher according to our likes (Ubuntu, Mac or Windows).

Enough said, let’s watch the video to see how it looks:

So, what do you think after watching Linux Deepin review video? Is it debatable that it’s better than Elementary and Pop?

Or you want to know even more about deepin? Click here.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?

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