Love and Producer: A Game For Single Female (or Not)

Love and Producers: A Game For Single Female (or Not)

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Standard entertainment for women as I was simple. There are elements of the drama and romanticism. Enough until there. Women can feel watch tens of Korean drama episode with predictable plots and ending. Each does not need to use complicated plots and advanced editing effects such as Sense8 for example. This was realized by Pape Games, China game developer is to exploit the results of the game made them Love and Producer.

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This game is very entertaining visually and story... Oh, and with audio too. With the voice of four characters of men who can be the virtual boyfriends. To bring these characters to life, Pape Studios hired not one, but two sets of A-list voice actors to provide voiceovers in Japanese as well as Chinese. The investment has clearly paid off — “耳朵都怀孕了” (“my ears are pregnant”) is a common refrain surrounding the game.

You can pick one of the boyfriend, or all of them if you can achieve it. In the first week of its launching in December last year, this game has managed to get 46K USD! F**kin' amazing!

Love and producers

Hmmm ... Will our husband or bf be mad if they know we play this game? But calm down, we will have a lot of friends in the same boat, because the player amount of Love and Producer is 1/3 of total gamer of China. You know how many people there? Ha ha ha...

How To Play

This game can be played for free, although in it many options that we can buy. That said, this game is not the type of buy to win because the approach of this game is more like a realistic role-playing with a chat room. There are power-ups you can choose within special given moment to spend 68 RMB (~$10 USD).

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That will allow the player to cash out increasing amounts of in-game currency as they progress through the game. The slogan at the top cajoles: “A one-time investment can score you 6 times as many diamonds.”

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?