Lumix GH5s The Prosumer That Answers

Lumix GH5s The Prosumer That Answers

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The camera shapes and dimensions become increasingly compact when the DSLR manufacturers roll around making SLT and mirrorless. In addition to weight considerations, mirrorless also makes the camera becomes much lighter. It’s useful for photographers with shaky hands like me.

With so many world camera manufacturers making mirrorless cameras, many professional photographers are not reluctant to change their equipment to a more compact version of this camera. Although, many people still think that mirrorless is a camera for the vlogger and not for professional use.

To be honest, the mirrorless camera is more comfortable to use and carry. Remember when we have to carry a bag full of camera equipment that can weigh up to 20 pounds just to a cover a 3 hours event duration?

But mirrorless cannot be equated with a pocket camera, although it is literally pocket camera also does not have a mirror. Similarly, the camera is on the mobile phone. This will be discussed in another article.

But One Stands Alone

Apart from this trend, there is one type of camera that is among professional cameras with the pocket camera. It’s a Prosumer camera.

Prosumer cameras have similar capabilities to pocket cameras, but with a quality range approaching DSLR cameras. This is because the prosumer camera has the ability to change lenses. As we know that the lens highly affects what is captured by the camera sensor is not it?

There is one name that can not be left behind if we talk about the prosumer camera. The name is Lumix produced by Panasonic. Since its first appearance, Lumix has made the envy of other camera manufacturers who do not want to lose participate in making the prosumer camera.

Not only that, the professional photographer also glanced prosumer even though most reluctant to make it as main gear for reason “not look professional”.

But Lumix’s name is unshakeable because Lumix is sold with Leica’s lens, where everyone knows that Leica is a high-quality lens from the world wide known producer.

I first used Lumix when Lumix issued the DMC-FZ50 series and based on that experience I can write about the quality of this “under DSLR standard” camera .

Lumix is now releasing the GH5s series with capabilities that target video makers out there, though I’m sure even these photos will work fine (although the sensors are pretty small). But, without in-body stabilizer I won’t pick this camera for the reason I wrote above.

Please watch the video below, do you agree with me? Or is there something to add? Please write in the comments field.



Lumix GH5s Specification

TYPE Type Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera
Recording media SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, SDXC Memory Card/(Compatible with UHS-I/UHS-II UHS Speed Class 3 standard SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards and UHS-II Video Speed Class 60 standard SDXC Memory Cards)
Image sensor size 17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect ratio)
Lens mount Micro Four Thirds mount
Total pixels 11.93 Megapixels
Camera effective pixels 10.28 Megapixels
Color filter Primary color filter
Dust reduction system Supersonic wave filter


Detailed specs here.

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