Minimalistic Website Using GeneratePress Wordpress Theme

Minimalistic Website Using GeneratePress WordPress Theme

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We've talked about WordPress like a lot. As I've said in the previous articles, WordPress is easy to use but difficult to master. For me, the most difficult part is what others might think as the easiest part, which is "Choosing a theme". As an install/uninstall maniac and the luxury of becoming a WordPress user, I used to change my website WordPress theme more than once a week. And that's bad for SEO. And that's until I tried GeneratePress.

I was searching for a theme that has a minimalistic look, powerful function, and on the top of all (as a writer) has good fonts.

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With GeneratePress, I can have the best of all worlds. I can change the fonts, and I was very very surprised when I found that I even can customize the fonts to my likes.

Install GeneratePress

Installing the free theme only takes a minute

Looking For GeneratePress sample? Well, you're looking at it now.


Add new options to your Dashboard that allow you to add

in your own custom content throughout various areas in the theme.


GeneratePress is Woo Commerce ready, so I can start my online store instantly. I can put ads on both left and right widgets, top of the page, header, and FIVE footers! Five-footers is so much. I also can customize the color, background, spacing, and I can enable/disable elements according to my need.Then I just need to add translator to make my web easily read by all the people worldwide.

That sounds so many features, right? Well, amazingly it still has a minimalistic and elegant look. I don't have to tell you that minimalistic is not the same as poor.

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Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?