Moria A Great RPG When You Desperately Need One -

Moria A Great RPG When You Desperately Need One

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Have you ever heard of a game called Moria? I first found this game when I desperately wanted, in lust, in the hunger of playing RPG. Role Playing Game is my favourite game genre since I first discovered the Dungeons and Dragons board game, which I was not so lucky to have. But I knew it from the guidebook, okay?!?

And there was a time when a good RPG is hard to find because the world was so hyped with the 3D first-person shooting game.

I have my own standards for calling games as an RPG:

1. A good storyline (preferably a middle earth fantasy theme)
2. Can create a character name
3. Select my class or create a custom class
4. Select or create my race/gender
5. Set skills
6. Change view (optional)
7. And other perks setting (optional)

The next sentence will sound counter-productive, ie Moria does not have many such aspects. Wait! Wait! But Moria gives freedom of character creation, and that’s the most important right?

The Gameplay

Playing Moria is like reading a book which we can choose which page to open to get to a different adventure. Because Moria only gives us slight a code of everything on the game board, literally. This is a short screen recording to show you what I mean, and nope… I’m not shitting with you.

Like I said in the title, Moria is Moria A Great RPG When You Desperately Need One since your imagination is your only limitation here.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?

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