Intel's New Augmented Reality Glasses: Vaunt Spec and Price

New Augmented Reality Glasses: Vaunt

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After Google popularized augmented reality glasses called Google Glass, some other names that produce similar devices were affected. Call the names like Vuzix, Solos, Everysight, and ODG who raced to make smart glasses become more intelligent.

Wait, what is smart-glasses? Is there any influence besides making the wearer look smart? Yes, of course. Because with these glasses, you can see the world in augmented reality. And that includes seeing information displayed to them that no one else can see without the glasses.

Just to make it clear, it’s not the glasses that actually do the heavy lifting. The smart-glasses is actually a gadget in a form of eye-glasses. So, processor and OS do that, the glasses are merely a place to display the information asked or given.

Augmented reality is simply the addition of a layer above what is actually visible. Simple, right? Maybe you better install TnW app in AppStore. The picture looks like it although it does not, by replacing simple texts with animated information. Wait! Just install Pokemon Go!

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We used to be able to easily create augmented reality apps, but maybe because they are less desirable, many of their service providers are closed.

And now, Intel’s Augmented Reality Glasses!

The giant in processor industry exists from the beginning of time also release a smart eyeglass, Vaunt. It weights lighter and fits on the face better because it’s not including the thing that makes other glasses bulky, the camera.

It works by sending a very low laser beam to the owner’s eye, much like a projector. The beam directed to the owner’s blind spot, so the wearer must do slight glance to position his retina to where the beam cast. Sounds crazy, right?

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Intel claims that using smart glasses is safer than using smartwatch since the owners don’t have to put their sight away from the street.

I think it’s quite fair to compare smart glasses to the smartwatch since both do nothing much more than just sending notification and other basic stuff (for now).

Imagine the bright future when we will be able to play first-person shooting game wearing one of the smart glasses. 😀

In the future, people will only go back to their body to eat and take a dump. The virtual world will take care of everything else, including the economy. Matrix and Terminator much? Or maybe Ready Player One?

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