Say Bye to Notification and Instagram Chat... Type

Say Bye to Notification and Instagram Chat… Type

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Notification and Instagram Chat… Instagram was first launched as a photo-sharing app before it became a social media platform like most of its user use it. Apparently, Instagram listens to what its user needs. Since its transition to Facebook, we can see that there are some changes that make using Instagram feels like using Facebook.

If you’re also a webmaster/developer of Facebook, you know that we can also control Instagram from chat to advertising from one control panel/dashboard.

And also, Instagram also add the chat feature which I hope can reduce the spam comment drastically, but not!

Tips to deal with a Facebook spammer!

This is the new feature… Type!

Apart from enhancing features on photos and videos, social media app Instagram is cooking up another upgrade, this time focusing on text-based clips.

The Facebook-owned app first tested this feature in a group of Japanese users last December. Now, Instagram is testing it towards its European audience, The Next Web reported.

Titled as “Type”, users can type texts and customize it with the features such as Boomerang, Rewind and Superzoom, similar to their Stories. ~

And, there’s also activity notification which is as annoying as other Facebook notification. come on! Trust me, most Instagram users want to be seen, not seeing other’s account (leaving the stalker alone). Just as bloggers wants his/her writing to be read. This is how to disable the annoying notification…

1st and best Way… Removed and block that person.

Or if you still want to keep “socialized” (or even stalked)…

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the corner gear or three dot icon to enter the Settings page.
  • Scroll down and search for the “Show activity status” option.
  • Toggle the option off, you’re out of misery.
Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?