Quora Again

Quora Again

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At first, I think Quora is a place for people who do not understand to ask those who understand better. I was wrong! Most of what I see there are those who have answered their own questions.

Then I thought. What does this mean? Is not there a Google to just ask?

I know that Google is actually a search engine, but to be honest. I often write the words “How, What, When, Where and Who” in the Google address bar rather than writing down the name of the product or whatever it is.

And that’s what makes me see Wikipedia so rarely lately.


Unfortunately, there are many “smart” people in Quora who like to “take revenge” for their fate. This is my opinion that originally speaking, but is not it true that the majority of nerds are bully-victims? Even Jonathan Davis who frontman Korn just admitted that he was a bookworm and a bully victim. The same thing is felt by Pantera vocalist, from that experience is a very powerful song Walk was created.


Maybe they have no talents or just emphasis on the answers they provide. Or … Actually, they are just asshole who faked their intelligence with copy-paste from various references? Maybe.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?
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