Running Android Apps on Linux and Chromebook For A No Brainer!

Running Android Apps on Linux and Chromebook For A No Brainer!

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Running Android Apps on Linux For A No Brainer!

I really mean it. No brainer here means that all of the processes are doable using some clicks or taps on your touchpad. No command line, no long tutorial with trials and errors. How comfortable is that? I’m now running Android apps on Linux and Chromebook myself.

I said no long tutorials, not no long story… so this is my story… 😀

Note: I’m running Deepin on MacBook Pro Mid 2010 and Chromebook Acer c720p.

I was installing Diablo 2 using Crossover, everything was fine (except the jumpscare when the installation finished) until it asked me for a CD key. Aw, come on… this is 2018, who still keep their old game CD keys. I know I don’t. And I also forgot where I got the CD key before, but I do remember that I keep it in my Evernote when I installed Diablo 2 on my Chromebook last night.

Get Deepin here.

Not in a hurry, I decided to install Evernote as well on my Mac. Then I noticed a notification saying, “please update Google Play”.

Wait, Google Play? Is it even available here?

Still wondering, I’m trying my luck with sudo and tab in the Terminal. And yes… there they are. Some Android stuff. Then I did what I should’ve done first, checking the store. In Deepin, it’s called Deepin Store.

If you’re not running Deepin, try to go to its web store.

Also, read: List of Android Games running on Deepin.

You will find some Android Apps, ready to install. Too bad, they’re just a few. But hey, I can play more games on my Mac and Chromebook running Deepin.

Wanna know how? Continue reading here.

What do you think about running Android Apps on Linux/Chromebook or even MacBook Pro? Is it kinda beat the purpose?

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?

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