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This Is How To Screenshot A Whole Web Page

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There is always a day or two when I need to explain about my complaint to the hosting company I'm using and I just can't find the right word to describe my problem. That's because I'm not an expert and have no proper education about what I'm going to complain. And I think what I need is a screenshot a whole web page with the error.

An image speaks a thousand word... that's undeniable.

That's why I sent him a screenshot of my problem instead of guiding him to a more difficult situation than it already is.

As a Chrome-fanatic, I find it difficult to make a proper screenshot to send. Of course, I can use the Super and F5 hotkey (I think) but that will only give me the screenshot as wide as my monitor. What I need was a full web page screenshot just like I'm running a rolling scanner on the web page.

This is where FireShot - Capture Page comes in handy. With this Chrome extension, I can do just that... capturing the whole web page as an image.

This is an example:

Cool, right? You can get FireShot extension from the Chrome Web Store.

What about you? What is your solution to get a screenshot of any webpage?

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?

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