How To Get a Silence Linux Laptop

Silence Linux

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Long Intro Before Silence Linux Article

I always prefer a quieter working atmosphere while listening to my favorite Megadeth songs. The point is there should be no other sound source other than the song I'm listening to. Sounds impossible? Apparently not. Because I got my way in order to silence Linux.Previously, I got this when I was still typing using the Samsung SM-P901 which until now has not succeeded I raised from death suspended. Obviously quiet, because like all tablets in general, P901 has no fan. Likewise, if I use a Chromebook that is also fanless. No sound interferes with my working atmosphere.

This concept is what I want to apply to my MacBook Pro mid-2010.

MacBook Pro is already eight years old, quite old. But with Apple's constantly updating behavior (and unfortunately I keep trying), the work process gets heavier. For that reason, I then decided to install Deepin after impulsively removing all my Mac OSX partitions.

Why Deepin?

Deepin offers me everything I needed. That is a beautiful application and use, the installation process is not complicated, and of course, an appearance that is not shameful. We know that Mac OSX is superior because of this one (even for those who are really just users).


One thing that annoys me is ... I feel annoyed because it turns out the MacBook Pro fan is becoming very noisy. And I think it's really noisy and annoying.Luckily I found a solution that does not cost me a new routine.

This is how...

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?

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