Steam: Gaming Solution for Mac and Linux Users -

Steam: Gaming Solution for Mac and Linux Users

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Steam: Gaming Solution for Mac and Linux Users:
There was a time when Mac and PC users glued in the unnecessary war about which is better Mac OS or Windows. One thing is always the winning argument closer Windows user always use, "Mac can't run good games". Well, like it or not, the best operating system for gaming is Windows.

But that era has passed, ever since Mac uses Intel replacing G5, it enables Windows to be installed on Mac via Boot Camp. Unlike emulator that runs on the system, Boot Camp allows the user to choose whether to run Mac or Windows on their dual-boot Mac. That's when Mac users (who loves video games) got the refreshment after years sticking to console gaming such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Sega.

But, if playing games is your goal, why buy a Mac in the first place. Right?

Linux came later, with the same situation Mac users used to have. Again, no good game. By saying "good", I mean good in graphic and development.

Of course, there will always be an argument that sounds like, "All I need is a good storyline blablabla". Well, I used to play Moria and I found it fun at the moment. But, imagine how good Moria could be with a good graphic?

And Now, Steam

Steam is a place community, where the gamer can meet other gamers, in both cooperation or duel. More than that, Steam is where gamers using different operating system meet. With its one time set-up, you're ready to play Free and Paid games. In the future, I will write more about this.

This is the step by step registration:

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After you're complete the registration and downlod the Steam, you will have to wait a bit longer for Steam to update itself (if there's any). You can run Steam and choose from thousands of game in its library.

Feeling romantic? You can send gift in game too. But, please don't. 😀

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?