Stop Our Kids From Playing Street Fighter V

Stop Our Kids From Playing Street Fighter V

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We should stop our kids from playing Street Fighter V! If you’re just about my age, then you’re also blessed with the opportunity to witness the evolution of Street Fighter from day 1 in 1987. And now, Street Fighter V hits the market along with the comebacks of the old Street Fighter characters such as Sagat, Blanka, and even Bison. But, I can’t find Ken anywhere. What happened to this clone Ryu character dressed in red?

Let’s watch the video before we continue:

What do you think? Looking good, right?

Let’s Talk About Why We Should Stop Our Kids From Playing Street Fighter V

Oversexualized Character

You should’ve realized that there are many oversexualized female characters in Street Fighter since our childhood. Happens in games anime, and manga. And they still are oversexualized now. I don’t have to show you all of the old references but you can see the new one in the video above.

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You dirty bastard!

Excessive Violence

Street Fighter has taught us that using violence to get any achievements are allowed. In this case, a must. Well, at least I know that it taught me how to pop my schoolmate with a little Shoryuken. I just couldn’t help it because it was so cool back then.

Unrealistic Storyline

I’ve been scolded by my literature teacher in school when I composed a story about a journey of a fighter who fought to achieve his ideals. He said that it was not realistic. But I insist that Ryu and Ken are the most realistic fighter in Street Fighter. Who would believe if I wrote about an Indian monk who stretches? Pfft!

Bad Movie Adaptation

Many successful games are then adapted into a great movie. This indicates Street Fighter is not a successful game. Just look at all its objectionable game adaptation movies (by leaving Assasin’s Fist out). I’d rather stick with the anime (not cartoon)! Find the differences by unlocking the videos below:

Also, read Assasin’s Fist, The Legend of Chun-Li, and Street Fighter.

You Will Lose

Do you realize how great you played this game in the arcade, but now it’s getting poor even though you can now play it at home? This also happens to your children. So if you do not want to be humiliated by your own children, it’s better to forbid them to play this game. And let them believe in the glory of your past on playing Street Fighter.

Or you can hide this game and master it before challenging your kids.

It seems that’s all I can warn you about “why we should stop our kids from playing Street Fighter V”.

Good luck, loser

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