Surf and Download Safely

Surf and Download Safely

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Have you ever been annoyed when you’re looking for pirated software and had to stop because the site you want to visit is blocked? Most likely your answer is, “Yes, I’ve experienced it!”. But for those who know how to surf and download safely, it is no longer a problem.

There is a reason for why that site is blocked. It might contain NSFW (Not Safe For Work), dangerous or contents that are not suitable for the place you live in.

But, sometimes the system blocked it by mistake.

My scenario was:

I was looking for specific anime, but the site is blocked because it thinks that I’m going to open a hentai site.

That’s where Hotspot Shield would fit itself in.

There are different ways to use Hotspot Shield, by using it as a Chrome extension or by installing the desktop software, or even both! Can’t be too careful, right?

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To oversimplify it, Hotspot Shield will randomize your location and that means making you invisible on the internet. That way, you can open the website you wanted to visit earlier.



It will also protect you from the attacker that might be the culprit of why your internet connection tends to slow down sometimes. Although It doesn’t protect you from viruses, it prevents the virus to come near you otherwise. So, if you still get viruses, the most common reason is the virus came from the software you just installed.

Get Behind The Shield!

  • Multi-device support
  • Ad-Free Browsing Experience
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Complete cloud-based malware protection
  • Virtual locations all over the world

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