The Incredibles 2: My Waiting Is Over -

The Incredibles 2: My Waiting Is Over

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In the midst of a live action superhero movies raid on the big screen, The Incredibles 2, which I've been waiting for 10 years, will be released. Pixar animated film that is famous for its various breakthroughs in the world of animation told us the story about a superhero family. At the end of The Incredibles first film, it was shown that even baby Jack Jack inherited his parents super abilities. He can transform himself into various materials.

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But, the only person knew about this were the villain, and the baby sitter. This parts were later shown in two short Pixar animated movies. Let's watch these two videos first:


Dad - Super Strength
Mom - Can stretch her body like Mr. Fantastic/ Elongated Man
Daughter - Invisibility
Son - Speedster
Baby - Heat vision, material/shape-shifting, ability to fly, walk through walls... and the list goes on.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?