Valentine's Day, Tinder App and Other Dating Apps

Valentine’s Day, Tinder App and Other Dating Apps

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Who on this Valentine’s Day is still single? Today, looking for acquaintances is not a difficult matter. Just if every single on the planet using Tinder app and other dating apps. As long as there is an internet quota (and a profile picture that supports it), someone can be free from single status just by pressing a button (or swipe on Tinder).

The need for the profile picture is supported by a variety of applications to “cheat” that need, the most known name in the market is Camera 360. All the photos become similar to the Thai sissy who has plastic surgery. The result, unfortunately, looks so beautiful. This phenomenon raises a new need for mate seekers, asking for an original profile photo. Or in a more subtle way, requesting a video submission. Because they realize that editing face in the video is more difficult (unless you know how).

Edit your profile picture with these Photoshop alternatives

I myself was once trapped by one of the dating websites, that is when the bill appeared on my credit card saying that I never signed up there, but I do not feel ever make anything there. This kind of rotten web is what makes the singles become skeptical of the dating website. They prefer to use a simpler dating app.

So, Here Is The List of Dating Apps You Can Try


Tinder is known for its simplicity, all you have to do is connect your Tinder app to your Facebook. It will take care of the rest, like bringing in some of your Facebook and Instagram photos and other profile data.Swipe left on the photo you dislike and swipe right to the photo of people you like is the next thing you have to do. You’re both will be considered as a match If the one you like happen to like you too. The next step is to open a conversation right in your Tinder App.


Somehow, Twoo is more complicated but also more detail. You are being matched by the Q&A your answers and the one you make yourself. There are various topics, some are even too private to discuss. After that, Twoo will introduce you to the people with the same result as you. So, you will meet only the people who share the same perspective as you do. Interested?


Badoo is also popular, it’s very simple to use but I see that most of the people there only using Badoo as an ice-breaker. I rarely meet someone who can enjoy a nice chat within Badoo app, they will mostly ask for phone number and then chat by WhatsApp. So, I think Badoo kinda not meeting the purpose of a dating app. Or is it?

So, what’s your favorite dating apps? And… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?