My Watching List: End of January 2018 Edition

My Watching List: End of January 2018

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My Watching List

Sci-fi and action genre movies are always attracting my intention to watch. No matter how bad the film is after I watched it. With a fascinating display of posters or thumbnails, often this genre movie manages to fool me. Indeed sometimes I watch for the plot, but not infrequently I also watch for eye refreshment and adding them to my watching list. Because of these posters, I’ve been “fooled” to watch the trailers:


This title might sounds familiar to you, who live in the 90s era. A story about a deserted stressed and highly skilled marine. Triggered to go crazy and beat a bunch of local assholes in the forest only by his skill and the well known combat knife. His name is John Rambo, the main character in the movie entitled The First Blood. His name popularity went over the movie title itself among movie-goers. Therefore the next sequels were titled  Rambo 2, 3 and so on.

What I didn’t know is that Rambo had a reboot after the last “old” Rambo which was filmed after the first The Expendables. Here it is:

I read that they’re making Rambo reboot in India. (Rambo is a) Great character, hope they didn’t wreck it. ~ Sly

Not what you expected? Read more and watch Rambo trailer here.

Cutie Honey: Tears

This Japanese science fiction was claimed to shed more tears than “real drama” movies. That’s quite amusing since this is actually a movie about an android. Somehow this movie reminds me of Chappie and Video Girl (a comic adaptation).

Read and watch Cutie Honey: Tears here.

Godzilla VS Kong

Name two big monsters. I bet one of them is either Godzilla or King Kong (or both). Now imagine what happens when they finally fight (with today’s CGI) on the big screen. Can the cinema screen fit them both in?

Learn more about this movie here.

Oceans 8

It’s been years since the last Oceans sequel. Surprisingly Oceans 8 (that we can easily predict run by 8 members) comes with fewer characters. Learn more about Oceans 8 here.

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