What is Actually the profession George in The Amityville Horror

What is Actually the profession George in The Amityville Horror

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The story of horror in Amityville is like is endless for adapted and made into a story that sells. Beginning the 1970s as rendering The Amytiville Horror to the big screen. Appears also as a documentary, and then made a reboot the year 2005 sdengan cast Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool. After it appeared again the version documentation and appeared in other versions of this story. But unfortunately the latter is more like a B-Rated movie.

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What I like from the movie this is it, the film is not (just) rely on the element of jump-scare. Tension built humanely, as the process of changing yourself, to George since day one that haunted house they entered.

I Am Still Confused

However, unfortunately this tension to be disturbed by the appearance of Ketchum, the sadistic preacher that his form is not iconic. Unlike the figure or Annabele Valak criticized old people who continue after The Conjuring is missing from cinema. Unfortunately again, if we eliminate the figure of Ketchum, then this movie is nothing more than a story about George's stress because it broke after buying a home.

And I don't see him work for the film, in addition to making firewood.

Where Is Accidentally Heard The Amityville Horror?

If the name does not sound familiar buatmu Amityville, maybe you never heard it discussed by Ed and Lorraine Warren in The film The Conjuring. Despite all their spiritual testimony contradicted by Kaplan, still does not make this film so less creepy.

Another thing that bothers me. How Defeo (the father) could be fired at all the members of his family at home that much without one ever woke up? If viewed from the shape of his weapon, it is definitely the sound of noise.

What if the incident is actually the mother meracun it all with food (or dope left the sexy babysitter), so the father being delusional, paranoid and shooting up his poisoning. Anyone ever investigating until it is not?

Or is it because their ears covered by something that now exist in the reward?

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?