What If Jim Carrey is Trying To Tell Us Something?

What If Jim Carrey is Trying To Tell Us Something?

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What If Jim Carrey… is actually trying to tell us something. He’s been goofy since the beginning of his career in Ace Ventura Pet Detective, but not this “goofy” goofy. He tends to mumble about us being avatars, even despiting awards that according to him as icon/idol. Which according to movie history, he received a lot!

Press thinks he is going crazy, but what if he is having difficulties to explain to us about Illuminati and/or other related conspiracies. Well, who knows… Perhaps it is just him having post power syndrome or also part of an act. Hey, this is showbiz!

James Eugene Carrey, Jim Carrey’s birth name last appeared in True Crimes, a drama thriller which was not a good in the selling. His name resurfaces lately after the suicide of his ex-girlfriend.


Jim Carrey first movie was The Sex and Violence Family Hour back in 1983 and starring few other movies after that. But, his first debut was when he played a comedy movie, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, and then the world knows him as a comedian since then. Among his role in many successful comedy movies, Jim Carrey still played in a drama movie, Man on The Moon and a suspense movie The Number 23. But neither one of them caught the audience’s reaction.

Truman Show and Bruce Almighty are the reference people took to assume that he knows something about Illuminati as additions to his public interview.

What do you think?

Plot Twist: Jim Carrey is Neo.

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