What is The Meaning of Jebakan Batman?

What is The Meaning of Jebakan Batman?

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Jebakan Batman is “Batman’s trap” in Bahasa Indonesia.

Batman is known for his contingency plan. Hence, the one who fall into a trap called “kena jebakan Batman”.

His plan that never fails. Here are a few examples of his known contingency plan in random order:

1. Superman in Batman V Superman
Even though this movie got many negative critics, I’m glad that I’m alive to watch it.

Remember how this comic rip-off fighting scene? Superman pushes Batman, then Superman falls into Batman’s trap, the sonic wave cannon. Then machine gun.

And so on and so on until both led to the Kryptonite spear. Then suddenly, “Martha”!

2. Superman in The Dark Knight Rises (not Returns).

This is the comic that influenced BVS a lot. The difference was Batman got help from Robin and Green Arrow who was amputated by Superman.

3. The mutant (also in TDKR). Old Batman led the leader of the mutants who have beaten him before into a pond. Where he knew will slow The Mutant’s movement down.

4. Wonder Woman. Batman runs to his Justice League buster placed under The Batmobile.

And the list goes on…

I hope that explains why “jebakan Batman” term means “unexpectedly trapped in a perfectly planned situation”.


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