What Pixar Animation Taught Us Part 1

What Pixar Animation Taught Us Part 1

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What Pixar Animation Taught Us Part 1

Even though some of the people still think that cartoon is just for kids, deep down, we also know that most cartoon or animation has other intention than just merely entertain us. And I realized that after watching most Pixar animations. Both the full lengths movies and the short clips. Most of Pixar animation send us good moral of the story in beautiful packages. Now, let’s see what Pixar animation taught us:


This is the top of my list. The story about friendship and persistence of Mr. Fredrickson and Russel. Both have the similar character, very persistent. Mr. Fredrickson dreams of taking his home up to the top of the waterfalls. While Russel’s a lot simpler, getting his boy scout badge. Both persistent later become handful when they finally meet the same goal, rescuing Kevin, an endangered species from Charles Muntz with the aid of Dug.

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Lighting McQueen found himself stranded in a place where his idol secludes himself from the racing business. The arrogant McQueen must learn to be humble and prioritize his friendship with Matter rather than the glitter of fame. And he learned that the hard way under the guidance of his idol.

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What Pixar Animation Taught Us in “Partly Cloudy”

This is the story about a cloud who had a hard relationship with a baby delivery stork. In this short clip, the clouds mend his relationship with the hoodoo stork by compromising and his acceptance the condition of their best friend. And even more, foreknow himself with their current condition. On the other hand, the stork also shows us about dedication to his job. Hmm … this seems important even for the grown-ups.

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That’s it for now, we’ll continue in What Pixar Animation Taught Us Part 2.

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