YouTube New Rule

YouTube New Rule

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I recently watched a video that responded to the complaints of the “YouTubers” who were frustrated by YouTube for making new rules. YouTube new rule is that it will freeze the monetizing feature for YouTuber by tightening its rules. I can’t remember the whole thing, but the principle is … raising the number of subscribers as well as raising the total viewing amount/duration.


One of the figures I admire says that YouTube can easily change the rules because YouTubers are passengers, aka “hitchhikers” to put (and air) their videos on it.

He’s right! But I do not100% agree.


Because YouTube without YouTuber is just a blank web. That is why it was born a variety of conveniences for YouTuber to express themselves with frills can be income.

Maybe it’s time for YouTube to enact more stringent rules, given the amount of garbage that is there.

If it was up to me … I would prefer if YouTube makes a stricter registrar system, rather than having to kill the spirit of those who already “done” halfway. Repeating the process for YouTube may be easy for my idol for he has time, money, skill, and brain! The last part is what makes me idolize him the most.

Can you imagine the fate of Udin who even to add fellow spammer on Facebook has to sell his tooth if he must (re)upload a lot more videos? Could be bigger pegs than a pole. But that’s not a problem for my idol, he can just cast his magic spell.

I think, if revenue is not good, Google won’t stepping on the gas there. Noticed by Google not supporting Android to enter the desktop market.

Closing Words

Yes, we have to endure the profession and be persistent to achieve our goal… I myself have mutually changed my profession many times while repeatedly out and into the comfort zone.

As I wrote in the difference between Apple and Google, Youtube is also launched first in order to capture public interest, made a good welcome that creates a lot of content creator, then the money run from there.

Today is the era of the generation of Google, where anything is available from Google. Want to be an impromptu artist, just upload your video.

And … people these days also driven like Google driving its marketing strategy. Upload first, going viral or not, let the fate decide. When the society can’t accept it, then it will be banned after someone reported it. All done from us to us.

Now, which one will you choose? Censored by censorship bureau, or censored our people who just love to do online bullying? Oops, let me correct … not just bullying, but also share then praise amen online.

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?