How YouTube's New Rule Is Great!

How YouTube’s New Rule Is Great!

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YouTube creates a new rule, which raises the minimum impression and customer limits. In my opinion, the new YouTube standard is great. Although his position I have on the side of the disadvantaged. How is that?

Before YouTube released this new rule, I used my friend’s song to make a background music on YouTube video that I uploaded. It’s a great song, but not popular. It was safe. No YouTube strikes.


This afternoon I made another video with the same song. I can direct greetings from YouTube who tells you that the video I uploaded will be monetized and go directly to the owner of the song (ie my friend).

And yesterday, one video I can not monetize because there are third party rights (Joaquin Phoenix’s photo I took deliberately from the internet).

But, I’m not even mad … because I think this policy is amazing. Imagine how artists can earn passive income without them knowing. They just have to explore their ideas and make what they’re good at, art.

It’s cool to be my friend who did not get money from the upload of millions of his fans earlier. Now he can get the royalty. And that is what should be done!

What Else Can Be Eradicated With This System? Piracy And Crappy Videos!

Ever experienced lingering on YouTube to find the last episode of Korean Drama and apparently not there? Or once finally get one, the quality is battered. Because of the pirates less “dedication”. And YouTube is now a digital movie rental, like Amazon.

One more example, imagine if we are looking for a significant spectacle of historical background but even dizzy because it stuck a variety of suggestion that the title seasonal. For example, “I can not believe that this has ever happened. If it’s not recorded, no one will believe it “.

Yow! … I’m using YouTube for entertainment, not a guessing game!

And will also decrease the smart ass channel consisting other people’s videos cuts, then compiled with the one-minute bumper. Why can it be reduced? Because they can not monetize that kind of video any longer.

Longer people who upload the work of others only for money will lazy itself. Or, they even get creative to make something that is indeed the result of their idea.

Tacky videos of juvenile vomiting in a car or violent videos will also have the same fate if their goal is money.

So, there will be four types of people left on YouTube in the future (finger crossed):

1. Who owns the copyright of the video and its contents.
2. Who needs a place for expression.
3. And fans who want to directly love the income for his idol.
4. Also, those who use YouTube as a video container (like me).

PS: Since the release of this new YouTube standard, the number who likes to tag me on his Facebook video drastically reduced!

Just my 2 cents. Wanna show me yours?